Christine Aylward founded Magnetic Ventures in 2018 and focuses on early stage investing at the intersection of life science and technology. She has worked at the forefront of healthcare innovation since the start of her career and has been in the venture capital business since 2011. Ms. Aylward started her career at Roche where she launched the revolutionary technology polymerase chain reaction (PCR), formed the first cross-collaboration between the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions, and was a key member of several marketing teams at Roche Pharmaceuticals, Roche Diagnostics and Roche Molecular Systems. She has helped launch more than 20 products in the pharmaceutical, genomics, healthcare technology and diagnostic sectors. Most recently, Ms. Aylward was a Managing Director, member of the investment team, and head of Business Development at Foresite Capital helping build the firm to $1.2 billion in assets under management over five years. She also has been an entrepreneur in the media sector, and was a partner at a technology-focused investment bank acquired by Goldman Sachs. As a founder, business executive and investor, Ms. Aylward not only has a unique lens to evaluate companies but is also an invaluable resource for the entrepreneurs in which she invests. Her meaningful relationships and expertise span pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, genomics, technology, and finance.