Eye-opening innovations to improve human life

Amydis is leading the way for early detection of diseases through the eye that is accessible, affordable and non-invasive.

The company is developing proprietary ocular tracers that enable identification of molecular biomarkers for diseases of the eye, heart and brain.

Amydis is creating a data warehouse for multi-omics that includes unique molecular biomarkers of the eye to empower AI-enabled health insights.

The Company’s digital health solutions leverage the eye as the “window to the body” to accelerate diagnoses, enable precision treatment and improve patient outcomes.


To be the source of health insights through the eye.


Our insights enable breakthrough medicines, elevate healthcare experiences and improve patient outcomes with best-in-class molecular biomarker solutions.


  • Our duty is to create a healthier future for people
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  • Service is our mindset with all customers
  • We do what we do because it is our calling


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